Alzheimer’s Organization, Belmont Vista Senior Community, Burlingame Senior Care, Hillside Manor, Rose Resnick Lighthouse for the Blind and Visually Impaired, Sprit Care, Sterling Court Community, Sunrise Assisted Living of Belmont, and Taiwanese American Chamber of Commerce.


From some of our audiences:

“Thank you for the wonderful program you put on for our participants.  It was educational and enriching experience for us all.  I particularly enjoyed the introductions to the individual pieces, which gave interesting depth to the performances by adding information about how music and the instruments work together.  Our clients enjoyed the music and interacting with the performers in the question and answer period; it was informative an engaging.”

- Anthony Fletcher and Christine Neer

Rose Resnick LightHouse for the Blind and Visually Impaired


“We at Belmont Vista want to thank the wonderful young musicians with PGN YE who performed for us during our Grandparents’ Day festivities in September 2002.  The music selections were very appropriate for the occasion and their skills as musicians ‘shined through’.”  We would love to have them perform for us again.



- Sue Ellen Silva, Director of Activities

Belmont Vista Senior Community

"Thanks for coming to share your beautiful musical talent with us....You all are the best!! Please come back anytime."

- Sunrise Assisted Living of Belmont


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